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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reusable JCLs

  This post is partially complete and several sections may require editing and proof-reading. The job-streams for compiling CICS applications need to be added.

Job Stream Description
Cobol Compile and Link This job stream is used to compile a source program written in Cobol and link-edit the generated object-program to produce a load module. You can tailor the JCL as per the conventions followed at your production shop.
Run a Cobol program This job stream is used to run a program written and compiled in Cobol. Supply the name of the program to run and the Disk Load Library where the load module resides.
Pre-compile, Compile and Link a Cobol-Db2 program This job stream is used to pre-compile, compile and link-edit a source program written in Cobol containing embedded SQL statements. It will produce a DBRM and a binary load module.
Db2 BIND PLAN This job stream is used to BIND a DBRM(Database Request Module) into an Application PLAN.
Run a Cobol-Db2 program This job stream is used to run a Cobol-Db2 application program along with its matching Db2 PLAN.

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