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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LINES parameter - Indicating maximum amount of output to be printed to SYSOUT



Suppose you have the above job-card, that has several job-steps with a large output. You would like to issue a message to the operator, when the job output exceeds 500,000 lines. Which parameter should you add to the job-card to achieve this?

A. When we want to indicate the maximum amount of output to be printed to SYSOUT dataset, we can use LINES parameter on the JOB card. The syntax of the LINES parameter is :

LINES=nnnn or LINES=(nnn,action-to-be-taken)

The maximum amount of output can be specified in thousands of lines. So, if you want to indicate that maximum amount of output from the Job is 500k lines, nnn should be 500. You can also specify, what action must be taken – whether you want to continue the job, cancel the Job(CANCEL), DUMP, or notify the operator(WARNING).

Correct answer – LINES(500,WARNING)

On the same lines, you can also indicate the maximum amount of output in terms of BYTES,CARDS or PAGES.

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