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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OUTPUT Statement – Changing default SYSOUT output to a remote location


What is the OUTPUT JCL Statement? How do change the default destination of the SYSOUT output messages to a remote location?
A. When we would like to do some formatting/processing, on SYSOUT output datasets, we use a JCL Statement called OUTPUT. To specify the destination of the SYSOUT output dataset, as a remote location, we must code DEST parameter on the OUTPUT JCL Statement.


In the above example, the SYSOUT dataset output will be sent to the remote location RMT. Also, this will stand as the default. 

Apart from this, we can specify various options, we can print multiple copies of the output dataset, using COPIES parameter. Moreover, we can write OUTPUT statement at the job-level or step-level. To refer back to previous OUTPUT statement, we can use refer-back.

*.OUT1          - *.outname
*.STEP01.OUT1   - *.stepname.outname

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