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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pre-compile, Compile and Link-edit a Cobol-Db2 Program

Pre-compile, Compile and Link a Cobol-Db2 program
The job stream is used to pre-compile, compile and link-edit a source program written Cobol and containing embedded SQL statements. You may configure the JCL, by modifying the global parameters.

Directions for use :
1. Change the //JOB Card.
2. Set the PROGRAM, DBRMLIB, SRCLIB, COPYLIB, DCLGEN and LOADLIB parameters to your personal Program-name, DBRM Library, Source-Library, Copy-Library, Declarations Library and Load-Library respectively.
3. Find out the COBOL Compiler-Library prefix. COBOL Compile Libraries end with *.SIGYCOMP. SET COBPRFX=prefix of the COBOL Compiler-Library.
4. Find out the Linker-Library Prefix. Linker Libraries generally end with *.SCEELKED. SET LNKPRFX=prefix of the Linker-Library.
5. Find out the DB2-Library prefix. DB2 Library-names follow the convention DSN*.SDSNLOAD. The prefix maybe DSN710, DSN810 or DSN910 depending on the DB2 Version at your shop. SET DB2PRFX=prefix of DB2-Library.

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