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Thursday, April 1, 2010

REXX and ISPF Services

  This post is partially complete and several sections may require editing and proof-reading. The contents on Rexx, ISPF panel design is under updation.

Tutorial Description
ISPF Panel Primer Learn how to write WYSIWIG(What You See Is What You Get) code and the newer DTL(Dialog Tag Language) tags to design and build ISPF panels.
Introduction to Rexx What is Rexx? Learn how to declare variables, assign values and code simple statements in Rexx.
String Functions  
Other functions in Rexx  
Rexx-TSO Programming  
Calling ISPF services from Rexx  
ISPF Edit Macros  
ISPF File Tailoring Skeletons  
ISPF Tables  
ISPF Keylists  
Rexx-Db2 programming  
Rexx-SDSF programming  
TAG Edit-Macro for source-code maintenance I wrote a simple edit-macro to automatically add a modification tag to the lines-of-code(LOCs) changed in a Cobol source program.
Cobol copy-book expansion tool XP I have created this simple tool to expand copy-books inline within a Cobol source program.

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