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Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Pseudo-conversational programs
Software applications on CICS could be conversational or pseudo-conversational. A pseudo-conversational program efficiently utilizes mainframe computer time.

A conversational program : Say, you want to want to reserve a railway-ticket from Mumbai to Pune.Type the TRANSID BOOK on the terminal. The booking software program starts running, and the MAIN MENU is displayed on the screen. Whilst you glare at the screen and decide what option (1,2 or 3) to type next, the program is still running, holds on to resources, stays idle waiting for response, wasting mainframe computer time. Human response(10 seconds) is far slower than CPU processing time(2 seconds). You key in option 1, the software program processes the selected option and displays BOOKING MENU on the screen. As you fill in the passenger details, the software program is waiting idle, till you press enter. Thus, conversational programs are  inefficient and waste resources.

   Menu  RefList  RefMode  Utilities  Help                                      
Data Set List Utility
Option ===>

blank Display data set list P Print data set list
V Display VTOC information PV Print VTOC information

Enter one or both of the parameters below:
Dsname Level . . . SYSADM.DEMO.REXXLIB
Volume serial . .

Data set list options
Initial View . . . 1 1. Volume Enter "/" to select option
2. Space / Confirm Data Set Delete
3. Attrib / Confirm Member Delete
4. Total / Include Additional Qualifiers

When the data set list is displayed, enter either:
"/" on the data set list command field for the command prompt pop-up,
an ISPF line command, the name of a TSO command, CLIST, or REXX exec, or
"=" to execute the previous command.

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